Dreams creations offer you a very unique combination of comfort, creativity, colour and flamboyance!

Dreams caters to the women with style, flair, humour and self-confidence – if you’ve lost yours, we can help you find it!

Dreams can dress you flamboyantly for an evening out as well as for comfort in your house, on the beach, or on the move, with sizes ranging from petite to XXL.

Dreams headwear offers unique and elegant Wrap Hats that are not only useful for shading the sun, but also highly suitable for women who for one reason or other have lost their hair.

Dreams latest headwear invention – the cane-ring Bandanas – frame your face and accentuate your hair beautifully.

Artist and designer Nanna Nilson has developed a line of beautiful and original clothing, all of which are extremely comfortable to wear since her cuts are highly influenced by her extensive knowledge of body movement and dynamics, based on her former career as a dancer and choreographer.

We use 99% natural fabrics such as plain cottons, batiks, in-house hand-painted cotton, African prints and hand-woven Kente. Now and then we have designs that require other kinds of materials, such as chiffon, organza and stretch lycra.

We merge traditional crafts such as Kente, cane work and buttons made from coconut or bamboo with our exotic and innovative creations.

Nanna Nilson has previously designed fashion in New York and L.A., USA and her work has been featured on TV, Channel 13 in USA, as well as in fashion shows in New York, Copenhagen, Denmark and Accra, Ghana.