“Dreams by Nanna creations make you look good and feel great! Her designs have PIZAZZ – they have ATTITUDE – they are FUN and FLIRTY – they make you stand out in a crowd – they make YOU FEEL SPECIAL!”

“Browse through her collection for LOTS OF COLOUR, ingenious cuts and great accessories! I love my Dreams by Nanna Collection!!!”

Korantema Adi-Dako, Ghanaian citizen, living in Accra, Ghana


“I have always loved beautiful colors and clothes with an interesting cut, so outfits from Dreams by Nanna are definitely among my favorites! Her outfits are always extraordinary with a refreshing new approach on how to dress.  Try them!  Enjoy the colors and the life!”

Anne Kennedy, USA citizen, living in Copenhagen, Denmark


“During every visit to Accra the last couple of years I always visit Dreams by Nanna and I always find fantastic clothing! The great thing is that I can also use them in the cold climate up here in the Nordic countries.  My latest love is Dress 18 which I have a couple of in different African prints! Works great summer and winter!”

Birgitta Wistrand, Swedish citizen, living in Stockholm, Sweden


“I love how I always get this rush of sexy confidence when I wear ‘Dreams by Nanna’!!!  A MUST HAVE in one’s wardrobe!!!”

Gosia Yankah, Ghanaian citizen, living in Accra, Ghana